Monday, February 11, 2013

Quilitng Part2

In this Desi Quilt group,There are QAL too.There I learned a lot.First Elvira"s QAL,in this Learned 4 different blocks,

Flying Geeze Star QAL

Marble Star QAL

Ohio Star QAL

Variable Friendship Star QAL

Shamala Rao's Reverse Applique QAL

 It is a different experience,I enjoyed while doing this.

Nima's Foundation Piecing QAL

Nima explained in a detailed manner and this is the first time I used piecing technique,used for table top and I satisfied about this piece

Sudha Sekar's Cheveron Tote QAL

Sudha shared this chevron tote with us, it is a big tote. This bag has become very useful for shopping!!!!

After learning this tote, I got interested and tried few more pouches...

This is actually a reversible pouch

It was a great experience in quilting. I didnt except that within this short time I would be doing this..Of course this kept me away from Embroidery , Tailoring, etc...... EVEN BLOGGING :-)

Very soon Quilting Part 3

Have a nice day