Saturday, July 24, 2010

Needle pouch - Tutorial

I found very difficult to manage my needles and I was struggling each time to search for the required needle. Finally I thought to make a pouch to organize this needles. I would like to share the making of this pouch as many of us face this problem.
For this purpose the major materials I have used are felt cloth, sponze and Velcro.

Step : 1
The Felt cloth to be stiched with the sponze in all three sides.

Step : 2
The fourth side should be stiched by folding ends.

Step : 3
Turn right side of the cloth and stich as shown in the picture.

Step : 4
Attach Velcro in one end and stich a strip of cloth on the other side.

Step : 5
Attach the other piece of velcro to the strip.
The pouch looks this way
In order to decorate add a show button to the strip.
To keep the needle threader stich a loop in one end of the pouch.
The pouch can be used as follows.


  1. uma,
    Is the felt cloth and velvet cloth the same? Great tute,thanks!!

  2. Hi,
    Deepa Thank U for ur comment.
    The felt cloth and velvet cloth is not the same. The felt cloth is the cloth which is generally used for making dolls.

  3. This is a very useful one uma. The tutorial is great. I'm surely going to try. Do take a look at my blog

  4. Hi Uma, thanks for this tutorial. Where did you buy felt cloth from ?

  5. Anitha,Sorry for the delay in publishing ur comment,I bought the felt cloth from chennai,I think it is available in Raja Market