Monday, August 23, 2010

It is festive season

Last week is full of festival days starting from Ashada Amavasya, Garuda(Naga) Panchami and VaraMahalakshmi Pooja.  These requires lot of involvement and preparation of different varieties of Naivedhyams (offerings to god). Hence browsing internet and stitching pushed to back seat resulting in no new posts.

Vara Mahalakshmi Pooja:
Sri Lakshmi is godess for wealth as per Hindu Mythology. Vara  means "bestowel".  In "Chandramana"(moon) calender in Srvana month this pooja is celebrated. The face of the godess, embossed in metal (usually in silver) is fixed on a kalasa (a spherical shaped vessel) and decorated with flowers and jewels.  Varieties of eatables are prepared for naivedhya. After the pooja ladies and girls will tie a knotted-thread around their wrist in the right hand. The belief is, by doing this pooja the godess bestows the devotees with all kind of wealth.  Some pooja photos are uploaded here.


  1. uma decoration is too good..idol looks so divine.

  2. Dear Mrs Uma

    Godess lakshmi is very nice and your Rangoli looks too pretty with colorful beads.I liked it very much.

  3. Godess Lakshmi looks very nice and your Rangoli looks very pretty with colorful beads.I liked it very much.

  4. Hi Uma,
    We too do varalakshmi pooja.
    The pics are very nice.
    In the third pic, the tile with kundan kolam is very nice and also the plate where you have kept lamp.

  5. Thank you Lakshmi,Bharathy,Sangeetha for your nice comments

  6. Nice decoration Uma. I liked the kolam in front.