Saturday, May 21, 2011


This is my first project in quilting.I used the cloth available at home to make these patches.

After a lot of confusion I finally arranged these pieces and made 9 patch format and sandwiched these pieces by wadding and backing cloth and used  Basting spray.

Before starting to quilt I want to try free motion quilting and this is the result.For quilting I used Quilting foot .

Finally I completed my project .Though it was difficult to stitch in the machine loved the final outcome and before ironing I posted it.


  1. so which sewing machine u bought? need to take classes from you..quilting looks good

  2. Good one,Uma.What is a basting spray?

  3. Wow
    The result is very fine.

  4. really nice.... i want to try bu without proper tools i think it'll be so hard

  5. Thank you Ninu, Deepa, Viji,Arul for your nice comments.uma

  6. its beautiful! thanks for visiting me.

  7. u ve got an award on my blog!

  8. Hi Uma.. I am Josie and I found you through Pradeepa's blog. Nice to find a fellow-quilter in Bangalore. I have started a scrappy quilt and its a bit slow-going at the moment. I have two questions for you: Did you buy the basting spray locally in Bangalore? if so, where? and, what type of batting did you use? polyfiber or cotton?

    your quilt looks nice and comfy.. My first and only finished quilt was a nine-patch quilt. :-)


  9. Wao..great effort :)
    P.S i like my silent visitors :) now following you back !!