Thursday, March 22, 2012

After a long Break

For the past six months I was away from blogs.From March onwards I have been silently going through all of my favorite blogs.
First Thanks to everyone who have mailed me about not blogging.We have purchased a new flat  in September and did pooja in October 19th.After that continuously engaged in electrical work,wood work,grill work,glass work etc.,This work went on upto January 2012.Simultaneously we shifted the house and all setting up were done.
Afterwards my daughters exams have started.Oh....all the work are finished.Now I am free to catch up my pending projects.So far I have not yet taken up anything.First I have to organise my things and I want to make a To do list.But my daughters are pressurizing to concentrate on stitching for sometime.
Now I have started to stitch designer kurtis.I will post it after finishing.I have a resolution to post atleast one per week.Let me see how this year goes on.
Thank you for reading my lengthy post.