Thursday, January 31, 2013

SO FAR............

After joining Desi Quilt group,I had a chance to attend a Buda Workshop in Bangalore.The Theme of the workshop was handmade quilt.It was a 3 days workshop.Savitha Uday and Mona seth were Organisers.Nirmalakka was the tutor who explained us with smiling face.My finished Handmade quilt piece,

In Desi Quilters group,there are two Bee groups,Queen Bee and Sunny Bee.Iam in the Sunny Bee group.In this each bee has to propose one block with her instructions.The other members of the group have to send those blocks to that Bee.I have sent the following blocks:

Bhavani Sidharth--

Prasanna Narasimhan--

Nikhat Syeda Arshiya--

Sunita Suhas--

More pictures continue in my next post.Have a nice day