Monday, February 11, 2013

Quilitng Part2

In this Desi Quilt group,There are QAL too.There I learned a lot.First Elvira"s QAL,in this Learned 4 different blocks,

Flying Geeze Star QAL

Marble Star QAL

Ohio Star QAL

Variable Friendship Star QAL

Shamala Rao's Reverse Applique QAL

 It is a different experience,I enjoyed while doing this.

Nima's Foundation Piecing QAL

Nima explained in a detailed manner and this is the first time I used piecing technique,used for table top and I satisfied about this piece

Sudha Sekar's Cheveron Tote QAL

Sudha shared this chevron tote with us, it is a big tote. This bag has become very useful for shopping!!!!

After learning this tote, I got interested and tried few more pouches...

This is actually a reversible pouch

It was a great experience in quilting. I didnt except that within this short time I would be doing this..Of course this kept me away from Embroidery , Tailoring, etc...... EVEN BLOGGING :-)

Very soon Quilting Part 3

Have a nice day


  1. wonderful works....i too was longing to do quilting....but no idea where to start..

  2. Join Desi Quilt group,you will enjoy with quilting

  3. Hi Uma, I received Leibster Award from a fellow blogger and with great pleasure I’m sharing it with you. Pls visit

  4. Lovely star blocks, Uma! Please consider linking in to this week’s theme of Star Quilts!

  5. Wow! You are an amazing craft-maker! So happy to have met you in the blogosphere! Best wishes!

    The Arts & Me